In short:

We do not collect any private data, photos or any data from your phone!

In long:

This privacy policy governs your use of a software application (“Application”) on a mobile device. The Application includes the ability to record camera sensor data, which is used for displaying the camera’s preview, taking photos, and sharing photographs. Some editing is always applied to the camera’s preview and the photos captured.

  1. The app needs access to the camera to fulfill its main purpose (taking photos and displaying the preview).
  2. The app needs access to the device storage in order to save the photos you take.
  3. The app is offered for free on the Google Play Store.
    • There is no purchase required to acquire the app.
    • There are no in-app purchases within the app.
  4. The app requests Internet permission.
    • We need Internet access in order to submit crash reports to a crash reporting system. Crash reports are completely anonymous, and only data pertaining to the crash location (line of code and position in the program), as well as basic anonymous phone information like model number and Android OS version are sent. The reports contain absolutely no personal information, and we cannot use any of the submitted data to identify you in any way (even if we wanted or needed to).
  5. We offer the possibility to share pictures over third party services (like social networks), within the app.
    • The sharing process is handled by the official app of the respective service; therefore you are subject to the privacy policy and terms of services of the respective used app.
    • The app does not handle the sharing process itself; therefore, the respective third party services’ apps are required in order to share pictures with those third-party services.
  6. This Application uses 3rd party software for providing ads ads, as it is supported via advertising.  We may allow such third parties to collect Non-personal data through their own embedded technology and that this is done in order to deliver ads to you via a unique cookie or similar technology for non-personally identifiable information. For more information please look at
  7. In Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time without notice. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page, so please review it periodically.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us.